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Creating a garden to look like the Palace of Versailles isn't as hard as one might think. Through years of experience and experimentation, I have found which plants and practices can eliminate most of the work of gardening.

These pages are dedicated to avoiding gardening work and to the plants and practices best suited for the avoidance of such labor. I have pulled no punches in the assessment of the items in this site. If there IS any work involved, I SAY SO with a Gardening Work Alert! "WORK ALERT!" icon! Also I make sure to only recommend a practice which requires work if it is seriously worth it! (This refers to the editorial/opinion pages.)

Of course, the only way out of ALL gardening work is to Hire It Done. Since hiring it done can rack up quite a few expenses over the course of a season, though, these pages can help to cut down the work level until you are able to do that.

After reading these work-free and reduced-work gardening tips, you will know which plants are the least work, and have opportunities to acquire some work-reducing items. You will also see all the MAKE-work the "professionals" have added into their contracts!

Enjoy reading these pages. And remember, when it comes to gardening,




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